Tracy Morgan

Nick Name: T-MO
Age: 19
Hometown: Denton, TX
Years Riding: 14
Riding Style: Loose and Steezy
Favorite place to ride: River Valley MX Park
If you were to race another form of motorsports what would it be: Rally Car Racing
Vehicles owned: 2 2013 KX250’s, 2014 KX250, 2013 KX450
Music: Rap/Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, R&B, Pop
Wins/Accomplishments: Qualified and went to Loretta Lynn’s 3 times, raced the 2013 Millville Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and qualified 40th
Goals: Race and be a top 10 contender in every 2015 Monster Energy Easy Coast Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Race
Sponsors: Team Green, Granbury Motorsports, Scott, FMF, EVS, Tucker Rocky, Arai, Sidi, Speed Graffix, The Racer’s Connection, Matt Furnace Modifications, Moto-E


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