Nick Name: Birdman
National Number:
Age: 23
Hometown: Louisville, OH
Years Riding: 8
Riding Style: Fast and Loose
Favorite place to ride: My hometown track Malvern Mx, lots of great memories there
If you were to race another form of motorsports what would it be: I would like to say Trophy trucks or Rally Cars but honestly my heart lies behind bars so I would have to say a Dirt Bike
Vehicles owned: TRX 125, 250 EX, 400 EX, Z440 Suzuki, and multiple TRX450R’s
Music: Anything with a good beat or lyrics that I like
Wins/Accomplishments: 2014 & 2015 Ohio State OMA A Class Champion, 2015 Caleb Moore ATV Pro Challenge A Class Champion, 2015 Battle of Ohio OMA A Class Champion, 2016  450A AMA Daytona ATV Supercross Champion
Goals: Win a AMA ATVMX National Championship in 2016, continue working hard and making good decisions and reach the Pro-am/Pro class, most of all to always enjoy it and have fun throwing sick whips on my 4wheeler
Sponsors: Vechery Racing, TDR, Big-Griz aka Dad, NeverSleep Designs, Motomom Designs, Mom, MX it UP photography, Rampage Fabrication, Spy Optics, SSI Decals, Kames Sports, Six5 Designs, Bad Boy Tattoo, Handy-Andy, and The Racers Connection


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