Nick Name: Kaz
National Number:
Age: 20
Hometown: Stillman Valley, IL
Years Riding: 6
Riding Style: Aggressive but Stylish
Favorite place to ride: Sunset Ridge, RedBud Mx, & Underground MX
If you were to race another form of motorsports what would it be: I would love to try Snocross, since I’m from the Midwest, and I’ve always wanted to race cars.
Vehicles owned: YZ125, KX250F, CRF250F, YZ450F, Raptor 250, 3 DS450’s, and I’ve built several TRX450R’s
Music: I pretty much like anything from country to rock & rap
Wins/Accomplishments: 2016- Pro-Sport Moto Win @ Sunset Ridge Mx, & (3) Nitro Ax Tour Pro-Class Overall Wins; 2015- College 16-24 Mtn. Dew ATVmx National Champion with (16) Moto wins & (7) Overall wins; 2014- Briarcliff Mx Open B National Champion, & Spring Creek Mx Open B National Champion
Goals: First and foremost, obtain my Mechanical Engineering degree in 2018; either turn Pro in 2017, or wait another year and go for a Pro-Sport Championship; and to always represent/promote my great sponsors, while enjoying this awesome sport!!
Sponsors: Media Allstars, Illinois Powersports, BZracing, SSI decals, Maxxis, Walsh, Shift, Lonestar, EKS Goggles, Maxima, Rath Racing, SF racing, Precision, Wehrli Custom Fabricating and Powder Coating, Sunstar, CES Group, Inc. & The Racers Connection!

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